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downFull Wapkiz WebSite Making Codes By Wapkings
11 June 11:31am #1
Ibraheemmusha  Ibraheemmusha
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Good day, Dear Wapkings Forum
Members that reading this post: And Wapkiz.com User. Am so sorry for dropping This Full Wapkiz.Com
Web Site Making Codes late. But Today,
You will Get All The Codes, And You will
have your own beautiful Wapkiz Site. So let me go straight to the point.

in this article am going to write some
steps to make a beautiful wapkiz site. So read carefully.
Step 1 Is Meta Head Tag
Step 2 Is CSS Theme
Step 3 Is Site Header Step 4 Is Site Footer
Step 5 Is Site Home Page
Step 6 Is File Download Page
Step 7 Is Movie Download Page
Step 8 Is File Uploader Page
Step 9 Is Searched Files View Page Step 10 Is Category and Filelist Page
Step 11 Is Movie List Page
Step 12 Is Top 20 Files Page
Step 13 Is Request Write Page Click Here to copy all code
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